The City of St. Robert became the second city in the state to be proclaimed as a Purple Heart City.
A Purple Heart City is a community with "great admiration and gratitude for the men and women who have served this country."
"The City of St. Robert seeks to recognize veterans who are recipients of the purple heart veteran," Anita Ivey said. "The Board of Alderman desire to proclaim the city of St Robert to be a purple heart city, honoring the sacrifices of our nation's men and women in uniform serving to protect our freedoms."
The City also accepted a $180,000 contribution from the Interstate Plaza Transportation District and Ehrhardt Properties Transportation Development District for a pedestrian bridge across I44. The estimated total cost of the project is $1,100,000
Captain Shay Mason of the St. Robert Fire Department was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief on Monday night.
Mason is a former U.S. Marine sergeant who joined the St. Robert Fire department in 1998 and began full-time employment in 2001. Mason won the first ever City of St. Robert employee of the Year award. She has been the fire department officer of the year for three years in a row and is also the training officer for the fire department with over 50 certificates for fire service.
"I hope I do a good job for you guys and help the city out in any way that I can," Mason said.
Also at the meeting, William Hardwick was appointed as city prosecutor.
Hardwick is an Army veteran who served in Iraq. Hardwick has worked as assistant prosecutor under Ken Clayton and Kevin Hillman for the last two years. He has worked under the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's office, the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's office, and at the U.S. Attorney's office doing federal prosecution, and the state legislature. He is from Dixon.
"I appreciate the council's consideration and pending this appointment I intend to perform this position confidently, effectively, and a way that reflects positively on the city of St. Robert," Hardwick said.