A rambunctious, enthusiastic crowd played a large role in motivating several Waynesville wrestlers in Tuesday night's duel 45-22 victory over Nixa.

A rambunctious, enthusiastic crowd played a large role in motivating several Waynesville wrestlers in Tuesday night's duel 45-22 victory over Nixa.

The physicality of Tuesday's bloody opening match ended in Todd Magoon's (138) favor, as the Waynesville wrestler def. Nixa's Christian Lance in a 3-0 decision.

Waynesville's Derrick Sax (145) fought hard in the second match, but came up short in a 15-1 decision for Nixa's Cameron White.

In the 152 weight class, Neil Albrecht used numerous takedowns to def. Nixa's Gunner Harris in a 12-8 decision.

One of the better matches of the night showcased the skills of Waynesville's Todd Angel (160) and Nixa's Joey Broadbent. In the third round, Angel scored the match's first points by reversal, and eventually def. Broadbent 4-0.

Tuesday's first pin fall was initiated by Waynesville's Hunter Sadler (170) over Nixa's Kalen Barclay at the 2:00 mark.

Then, as the crowd cheered on Waynesville's exhausted Willie Parker (182), he dug deep to pry himself from the mat and continue to battle. His display of heart fell short in the third round as he was disqualified with a knee injury, giving the win to Nixa's Austin Heatherly.

Afterward Corey Duncan recorded an open victory for Waynesville in the 195 weight class.

A tough battle in the 220 weight class ended in Nixa's favor as Ben melton def. Peter Gray in a 5-2 decision.

Perhaps the most dominant performance of the night came :52 seconds into the night's heavyweight battle between Waynesville's Jacob Semple, the No. 2 individual heavyweight in Missouri, and Nixa's Xyah Ra, Missouri's No. 4-ranked individual heavyweight. Semple's brut force takedown just :20 seconds into the match led to an eventual pin fall victory for Semple.

"He's weird," Waynesville assistant coach John Kelley said of Semple's freakish ability to use his strength to counter any opponent's attacks. "He stays in position, he's quick, and he's a very intelligent kid who knows how to use his body."

At 106, Nixa's Stanton Finley won by pinning Waynesville Julian Burnham at the 1:59 mark.

One of the most inspiring matches of the night was between an unlikely match-up. Waynesville's Lauren Webber (113), the team's bravest and only female wrestler, stepped in for the overweight Charles McNeal to battle Nixa's Lane Reppond. Behind 7-4 in the final round. Webber then wriggled her way from the bottom and, before a roaring crowd, turned Reppond to his back and scored the win by pin fall at 4:35.

"She had a big match like that last year," Kelley said. "It's huge to have depth like that and that's why we try to get a lot of kids out [for the team]."

Continuing the pin fall trend, Waynesville's Isiaha Johnson (120) def. Nixa's Naseeph Al-Roubaie at 2:47.

The night's main event was a 126 rematch of the top two individual wrestlers in Missouri, Nixa's No. 1-ranked Joe Velliquette and Waynesville's No. 2-ranked Lemuel Johnson. After a scoreless first round, Johnson took the top position, but failed to keep Velliquette down as the Nixa wrestler scored a point by regaining his neutral position. The rest of the match was a stalemate and Velliquette def. Johnson by a small 1-0 deficit.

"I know Lemuel is probably disappointed," Kelley said. "They're going to see each other again in the future, probably at state in the finals."

Kelley said Johnson must work on performing at the top position and move away from the cradle pin.

In coming days the Waynesville squad will train for the weekend's St. Charles Tournament near St. Louis. The two-day tournament will take place Jan. 11 and 12, times TBA.