A Type 1 diabetes diagnosis didnít put the brakes on Bob Schrankís desire to ride.

When diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in his early 20s, Bob Schrank, an avid cyclist from Gurnee, Ill., thought his two-wheeled passion was in peril. But instead of giving up and giving in, Bob, whoíd been riding since age 2, took charge. Now, 20 years after his diagnosis, Bob is still riding long distances as a member of Team Novo Nordisk (formerly Team Type 1), a world-class cycling team comprised entirely of Type 1 diabetics that in 2010 won the 3,005-mile Race Across America in 5 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes.

Today, with proper planning, frequent blood sugar checks and everything he needs in the case he goes low, Bobís is an inspiring story of overcoming challenges. Here he shares that story and offers words of wisdom for anyone who finds themselves at the crossroads of desire and diagnosis.
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