No cost to county, MoDOT

The cost to fix a higher than anticipated slope on the new County Road 5240 bridge being constructed over Beaver Creek south of Rolla will be at least $24,500.

The good news for Phelps County is that no county funds will be used to pay for the fix. Additionally, there will be no cost to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

County commissioners Tuesday approved a change order in the amount of $24,500 on the original contract with Brenneke Construction, LLC, the general contractor, bringing the new total cost of the project up from the original contract amount to $323,901.

The $24,500 includes the cost to cut the concrete cap off of the center pier of the bridge and remove and reset the girders.

Brenneke and the project engineer, Great River Associates, will share in the cost to remedy the higher than anticipated slope, which was caused when the contractor was building the center pier and used the engineer’s plans, which had a discrepancy in the elevations and dimensions. The center pier was built about 1 foot higher than planned.

A letter from Great River Associates to Brenneke states that the engineer will pay the $24,500 and the contractor has agreed to cover all other costs, including labor, equipment and materials required to complete the fix.

The change order states that the contractor will have 21 working days to perform the work needed to cut the cap and remove and reset the bridge girders.

It was noted earlier this month that an inspector from both MoDOT and Great River Associates would be on the construction site every day and that the elevations would be checked once the beams are set aside.

Work on the bridge has been stopped since around Nov. 7, 2012.

After the 21 days, the contractor will then have 24 working days to finish the rest of the project.

The remedy, which has been approved by all parties involved, is expected to give the bridge the same life expectancy as the original project plan.