Sheriff Ronald Long will begin hosting his town hall meetings this week to give citizens of all areas an opportunity to meet the sheriff and some of his deputies and voice their law enforcement or community concerns.

“Being the Pulaski County Sheriff, I want everyone to know this is their community and policing their homes, businesses and roadways is a joint endeavor with law enforcement agencies,” he said. “It has been proven over and over throughout the nation that when concerned citizens have a good working relationship with their law enforcement agencies, crime rates are lowered.”

“I am not asking for our citizens to be continually patrolling our county and looking for criminals,” he continued. “My goal is to have an open and friendly relationship with my community where they get to know and continually trust me and our deputies, and are comfortable in relaying information and concerns to us. It is important that our citizens understand the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department welcomes and encourages community involvement.”

These town hall meetings will continue weekly until the Sheriff has the opportunity to meet with every township. After each township is initially visited, Sheriff Long will schedule one monthly meeting at a chosen location in Pulaski County. The second town hall meeting will be in Richland on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the First Baptist Church, starting at 6:30p.m.

A schedule of these meetings will be posted in the weekly article, “The Sheriff’s View”, published in the Daily Guide on Fridays.