The Pulaski County Area Retired School Personnel, local unit of Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel, met Tuesday, January 8, 2013, at 11:00 AM at Chopstix in St. Robert.

The service project for January was Dixon R-1 Schools. Requested items and cash were donated from the group to Dixon Middle School.

President Volmert gave the welcome and call to order for the meeting and asked Georgia White to introduce the mayors of the towns that encompass the PCARSP area. Attending were James Morgan (Crocker), Jeff Clark (Dixon), Jim Schlupp (Iberia), Lucy Henson (Richland), Debra Adkins (representing George Sanders of St. Robert), and Luge Hardman (Waynesville). Other guests in attendance were Marlene Blackburn of Dixon and Jon Morgan, a New York state school retiree. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Wayne Denton, and the invocation was given by Mayor Lucy Henson of Richland.

Following the luncheon, the Mayoral Round Table was held. Each mayor gave a short description of what is going on in each of their cities, current construction, and short-range and long-range goals and plans. Following this the mayors were asked specific questions concerning their city. Each mayor was presented a goody bag from PCARSP.

President Volmert thanked all the mayors for coming and for their preparation and leadership.

Before conducting the remainder of the meeting the officers for the 2013 unit year were installed by Myra Dingman, former PCARSP President. Officers for 2013 are: President, Linda Volmert, Vice-President, James Morgan, Secretary, Georgia Whit, and Treasurer, Peggy Grosvenor.

The minutes were approved as presented and the treasurer's report was filed for audit.

Correspondence was given by President Volmert. Cards were received from recipients of the Buddy Pack Program in Iberia.

Committee reports were given. Membership Committee: Chair Gloria Baun, said that local dues were due now for PCARSP, and MRTA dues also need to be paid. Legislative Committee: Chair, Myra Dingman reported that February 12th is Legislative Day for MRTA, and we need to let MRTA know if we are going. Retirement Education Committee: Chair, Bill Harrison, is stepping down as chair of this committee for this year. Informative and Protective Services Committee: Chair, Bev Richards gave out a paper entitled "Brush Up With Safe Driving".

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Community Service Committee: Chair, Kitty McKelvey, accepted volunteer hour sheets, and noted tht those who hadn't turned them needed to do so by February 1st. Program Committee: Chair, Carolyn Denton reported that the next meeting would be February 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM at the Laquey R-V Life Skills Room in Laquey, MO. The speaker's topic will concern The Ark, with a tour following. The service project for the month will be the Life Skills Center at Laquey. History Committee: Chair, Marilyn Odle, had no new report. Empathy Committee: Chair, Rhea Anne Matthews was not in attendance.

Under unfinished business the first item was the Auditing Committee, made up of Wayne Denton, Gloria Baun, and Marian Jones. They were to meet following the regular meeting for an audit of the treasury.

President Volmert announced that the Unit of Excellence Award would be pursued in the 2013 year.

The first item under new business was committee appointments. The president suggested Debbie Anderson to replace Bill Harrison on the Retirement Education Committee. She was accepted. Other committee chairpersons remain as is for this year.

The next item under new business was the president's communications from the state. Some of the items she relayed were: A. Receipt of hard copies of the results from all state meetings held at the MRTA office. B. Forms she had received from MRTA. C. Information for the Spring Leadership Conference on March 6-7 was discussed. Those who will be attending, in addition to Georgia, will be President Volmert, James Morgan, Debbie Anderson, and Kitty McKelvey.

The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Betty Layman, and door prizes were awarded to Marian Jones and James Morgan.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Members present at the meeting were: Marilyn Odle, Wayne Denton, Carolyn Denton, Myra Dingman, Lorna Stephenson, Nelda Carter, Doris Tucker, Pam Anderson, LeRoy Fulmer, Kitty McKelvey, Rose Redmond, and Terri Gillette (Waynesville); James Morgan, Sandy Crawford, Retha Towe, and Betty Layman (Crocker); Gloria Baun and Bev Richard (St.Robert); Peggy Grosvenor, Doug Grosvenor, Mary Ann Miller, and Linda Crismon (Laquey); Debbie Anderson (Dixon); Marian Jones, (Iberia); Linda Volmert (Lake Ozark); Georgia White, (Richland) and seven guests: Lucy Henson, Jeff Clark, Marlene Blackburn, Jim Schlupp, Debra Adkins, Luge Hardman, Jon Morgan.