With the support of the Crocker Police Department, the City Council approved a newly created position of School Resource Officer for the Crocker schools.
The position will be a commissioned police officer whose primary responsibility is at the Crocker schools.
“This position will allow for a safer school and will also allow us to start programs such as drug/ alcohol prevention and Eddie the Eagle gun safety programs for the youth,” Crocker Police Chief Chris  Twitchel said.
Twitchel said that the police department has been planning this for a while, but in the wake of the recent school tragedies, thought now would be the best time to implement the position.
“We understand that we are the first of the smaller rural schools to do this, but we feel that it is time to be proactive and not reactive.  Our ultimate goal of this position is a safe learning environment where students can focus on learning not fear and to build a stronger, safer community.”
Twitchel said that the position will allow the police department to be involved with the youth on a positive basis.
The Crocker Police Department is now taking applications for the position until Feb. 13.  Interested applicants must be POST certified in the state of Missouri, with a clean background, good moral standings, and preferably with prior experience.