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Christmas Letter 2012
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By Antonio Prokup
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Feb. 22, 2013 11:16 a.m.

Christmas 2012
Merry Christmas everyone! We hope all is well with you. If you are like us, the days are
jammed packed with activities and rarely do we ?nd time to sit. I personally can't wait for
Christmas break to do just that.
The year of 2012 was all about Dominica's senior year and what a great ?nish to a
wonderful high school career! Her basketball team was undefeated in conference awarding them
of course with conference champs. Dominica received the most valuable player award in the
conference. She had a great season and continues to play basketball at William Woods
University. After basketball at Bevier, she ?nished with track where once again she made it to
state in the 100 meter hurdles. This year she captured 4th place even though most of the season
she had an injury. It was a wonderful experience for her and she is so thankful to all her loyal
followers! We are all anxious to watch her compete, especially in indoor track, at the college
level as well! Graduation was a bit hectic since it was on the same night as the state track meet.
But with mom curling her hair after a quick sponge bath in the car she looked beautiful. At the
ceremony she received the Mary Evans Rowland PEO scholarship and the John R. Amedei
scholarship to go along with her scholarships from William Woods. After her ?rst semester at
Woods she is making straight A's while having two practices each day. She is one determined
I honestly can not keep up with Dominica's pace, nor do I want to do so. I am much
happier at home swimming, watching TV, and pondering, while sitting in my yard. On occasion
I get the chance to write my thoughts down. I wrote an article for the Catholic Missourian that
was published in May. I was super excited to ?nally reach a personal goal of mine.
Unfortunately, due to the loss of two historical buildings in Bevier, I had a second article
published in the Macon Chronicle Herald. I of course also have a support group who have
helped me along the way. Hopefully we will continue to work together. I really want to write
professionally one day. In the meantime I'm a junior at BHS and manage to make A's as
well. I love learning and being in the school setting! Writing is my lifeline to the world so I will
continue to improve and maybe dreams will come true. If you are interested, my English teacher,
mentor, and good friend, Gayla Pappenfoht has designed a blog for me. The address is
antoniowhoiam.blogspot.com. Enjoy!
My mom continues aiding for me at school but with Dominica in college she has had the
chance to participate in activities she hasn't done since we were small children. She recently was
a part of two shows for Carousel, our local theatre group. She enjoys that family of friends and
says she is so happy to be a part of them again. She gave up coaching to be able to follow
Dominica's games in college. She has only missed two games so you can imagine how much she
has been on the road, mostly by herself driving 2 to 3 hours one way. I know she wouldn't miss
it for the world. She is a basketball fanatic. That obsession is one of the reasons her team,
Dominica's team, received conference champs and 2nd in district. She was also given the honor
of being chosen conference coach of the year at the end of the season. She was thrilled to have
the opportunity to coach for 9 years, but now on to other loves, like the theatre. As for what she
does for our family and me personally - we can't tell you how much she is needed and admired.
Speaking of admiration, the word is spoken often in my head when I think of my dad. This
past year has been very dif?cult for him and he seems to complain very little. His grandparents
were both in the nursing home and daddy visited with them almost every night. Sadly, Pa died
this last November, and my dad handled all the funeral arrangements knowing Pa would have
wanted him to take care of everything. Noni, still in the nursing home, loves to see daddy on his
nightly visits. He recently took a break and went to Vegas for a few days with a group of
pharmacists. He had a great time and came home with more money than he went with. He
didn't tell me this, but I believe Pa was with him celebrating. I think daddy said once that he,
Noni, and Pa went to Vegas together many years ago. So this was daddy's time of
remembrance of great times with the man that meant a great deal to him. All this attention he
has given his grandparents has not forced him to slight on any of us. He continues to be there for
all of his family in any capacity and I truly admire the generosity he shows, whether it be
monetary or just his time, without complaint.
Daddy is not the only one to ?nd time for fun this past year. Mom, Dominica, and I went to
Chicago by train with the school art club and that was amazing! More info on that trip on my
blog, if you are interested. In the summer we went with the Fiquet's to the east coast. We went
to Washington DC, the outer banks, and ended with Myrtle Beach. It was so much fun and i
am looking forward to next summer's trip. Maybe next summer we will go to the mountains! I
Sorry, I didn't mean for this letter to be so long, but remember I told you I love to write!
However, the word count on my iPad is at 4,350 characters and counting and I still have three
200 word count journals due in English, so I need to quit. Until next year----
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
From the Prokups!
Jamie, Janet, Dominica, and Antonio
Our dogs- Eddie, Sparky, Blondie, and Minga
And cat, Jeannie

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