The Pulaski County Commission recently purchased new police vehicles for the Sheriff's Department.

The vehicles will be all-wheel drive and fuel efficient, Sheriff Ronald Long said.

"These all-wheel drives will get us about anywhere we need to go in the county, especially during in-climate weather," Long said. "Right now, there are so many places in the county that our deputies just can't get to if it snows. This will give more citizens in our countymore law enforcement assistance if they need it. "

The County purchased three Ford Tauruses and two Ford Explorers. Long said that the Tauruses should get more miles per gallon.

County Commissioners and Sheriff Ronald Long agreed that this purchase will not only be good for the county, it will eventually save money on gas and vehicle maintenance.

The Crown Victoria Patrol Cars usually get 10 to 12 miles per gallon and the new vehicles will get roughly 20 miles per gallon.

"These cars will probably get double the mileage we get now," he said.

Right now, the average cost of maintenance to keep the current vehicles running on the road is between $4500 and $4900.

Long said that the vehicles will have the six-cylinder police interceptor motor in them and will be able to get up to the speed that his deputies need.

"We are not looking for a vehicle that is real top-end fast," he said. " I don't need my deputies out here going 170 miles per hour. What's more important is that we have a vehicle that is quick. If we need to go 160-170 mph, I'll call Highway Patrol to bring in a helicopter."

The county purchased the vehicles locally from Seller Sexton in St. Robert.