JEFFERSON CITY, MO – During the next 24 hours, a big portion of

Missouri will be covered in snow – ranging from a trace amounts in

southeast Missouri to a foot or more in central parts of the state.

      While many Missourians had some winter driving practice during last

week’s storm, the Missouri Department of Transportation warns motorists

that this storm will be different.

      “We have issued a ‘no travel’ advisory for the duration of this storm

because the strong winds and heavy snowfall could make it very difficult to

see,” said Elizabeth Wright, MoDOT State Maintenance Engineer. “If

possible, we recommend motorists stay put or find a safe spot to wait out

the storm instead of trying to drive.”

      If you choose to travel, remember the following winter driving tips:

          ·     Slow down, and give other vehicles plenty of room. Keep an eye

             out for other cars that are having problems with road


          ·     Watch out for snowplows. Leave about five car lengths between

             you and the plow, and don’t attempt to pass snowplows.

          ·     Always wear your seat belt.

          ·     Bring a fully-charged mobile phone, blankets, food and water,

             and other winter survival supplies. If you become stranded,

             stay with your vehicle and call 911. Be aware that emergency

             responders may have difficulty reaching you.

Check out other winter driving tips in MoDOT’s new video, available here:

      Before you decide whether or not to make your morning commute, check

the MoDOT Traveler Information Map at The map offers

current, color-coded road conditions for interstates and major routes in

Missouri. The map also includes live weather radar and views from MoDOT’s

traffic cameras.

      MoDOT also provides road condition information through our Customer

Service Center. Dial 888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636) to speak with a customer

service representative 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.