The City of Waynesville has requested a special investigation to be conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol involving allegations that a former police officer committed involuntary manslaughter and tampered with evidence in connection with a three-year open case involving a pedestrian and vehicle accident.

Mayor Luge Hardman and City Administrator Bruce Harrill, with the support of Police Chief Bob Carter, requested an independent investigation by MSHP after hearing the allegations.

“The City of Waynesville has asked the Missouri State Highway Patrol to investigate these allegations and determine if they are true or not,” Hardman said. “I have great respect for our police officers and the job they do every day. Therefore, the City wants a thorough investigation of these allegations and we want the truth to come out.

The City of Waynesville is waiting for MSHP to accept this case and assign an investigating officer.

Due to the nature of the case, the City will not be releasing further details.