No teacher, administrator, or resource officer wants to imagine themselves under the unthinkable circumstance of dealing with an active shooter in their school.

But teachers, administrators and police officers from local school districts spent last Thursday doing exactly that — imagining the unthinkable occurring— and training to not only survive, but to prevail in high-risk environments.

The training gave teachers and administrators approaches for lockdowns and multiple back-up plans.

“You have to assume the lockdown you have is going to fail and always have a plan B set up,” said Bill Oliver of the Missouri Highway Patrol and representative for Strategos, the company that conducted the training.

The school districts that attended included Waynesville, Camdenton, Laquey, MOCCA Head Start (various locations),Springfield Parkview and Salem.

Officers from Salem, Richland, Waynesville, Missouri State Highway Richland, Waynesville, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and Crocker police departments attended.

Fifteen Waynesville officers attended the training and 53 school personnel attended the training.

This is the third time in four years Waynesville has hosted the training session, which is funded by Missouri Office of Homeland Security Grant.