Each season is full of beauty. Signs of spring are just out the window, as nature awakens.

March 8th---a mourning dove sat on the railing of our deck and enjoyed some corn.  We have not seen the doves since late September, so we are particulally glad to welcome them with a meal.  

We are four season people, with roots over a hundred years old in North Dakota.  We are not snow birds who head for heat when the first leaf drops.  We enjoy the colors of each season.  We enjoy the activities each season provides.  We notice the changes in the slant of light, the length of days, the changing sky and even the smell of the air changes with the seasons.  Every season has its own beauty and joy.  When others make derogatory remarks about Cold weather, my response is "There are worse things than Cold.  In fact, a windless day, with sunshine reflecting off snow is magical and beautiful. And it smells so clean!

But as the Bible says, "There is a time for everything..."  Even though the ground is still white and temperatures still below freezing, Nature knows and the wild things know.  Spring birds are returning.  Squirrels are playfully chasing each other round and round tree trunks.  The willow tips are turning yellow.  I just ordered a new bulb and am so eager to pot it up and wait for it to poke up through the earth, full of life and promise.