People seek excitement, but it would be better to seek inspiration.

I have written about the current fascination with non-existent scarey creatures.  People seek excitement and thrills.  In addition to fantasy fears, some people are terrified of other humans and think they need their own military style weapons to "protect" themselves, in spite of facts that show the dangers of having guns in the home.  Recent events with hunks of rock hurtling through space toward earth have gratified the fear addicts.  The TV "reporters" seem almost gleeful when they report on virulant diseases, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, mult-car pileups, or powerful storms.  Masss shootings, street fights, all the worst behavior humans can muster draws and audience.  The media folks know we will be glued to the TV, in fascinaed horror---enjoying every minute of terrifying stimulation.  And some folks, even take stimulant drugs, engage in reckless "sports", drive like maniacs, or take jobs in very dangerous occupations.  

Adele Brooka, a psychotherapist says, "Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life."

What a world we could create if we all sought inspiration.  "Spire" is derived from a Latin word that means to breathe.  The Breath of God; the Spirit.  We put "spires" on top of churces that point to the skies where we believe God or the Gods live.  When we "conspire" we get together, breathing in a circle (think team huddle) as we plan or plot; "respiration" breathing over and over; a "respite" is a rest to get a second wind, to revitalize; "exspire" is to die or breathe out the last breath' "perspire" is to sweat out life sustaining fluids of salt and water  

If people sought their thrills and excitement in Inspiration, in focusing on Creativity instead of Killing, on Beauty instead of Ugliness, on Encouragment instead of Fear, what a wonderful world we could create.  "Inspire yourself to Life."