Waynesville has been growing, expanding its need for more utilities, services and increasing the workload for many departments.

In response to the growth, the city created a new director of public works position to help handle the expansion.

Mitch McDonald was appointed as the city's new director of public works during the city council meeting Thursday night by a unanimous vote.

McDonald has been with the city around three years, primarily in the building department, according to city administrator Bruce Harrill.

Harrill said the creation of the position was the next logical step for the city due to growth and the expansion of the city's utility departments.

"We're at that stage where we could use a director of public works to help direct and control," Harrill said.

Harrill reported that it has become difficult for him to oversee every department by himself, due to the increasing growth of the city, and a public works director would "help direct the workload."

"The city's been growing and we've been expanding the city utility departments," Harrill said.

Waynesville has seen an increased population growth of 37.72 percent between the 2000 and 2010 census, causing an expansion of utility services, according to Harrill. "I believe last year was a record year as far as new growth (housing development) in the city," Harrill said.

Harrill said the decision to create the position was based on the "steady" housing growth in the city citing that there were "quite a bit of building permits" out at the current time and more expected as the year progresses.

McDonald has already been fulfilling some aspects of the job, according to Harrill, and the city felt "it was time to promote him based on the job he's been doing for the city."

The position of public works director is a common position in other local cities such as St. Robert, Rolla and Lebanon. The position is meant to provide a means to coordinate the various utilities and building departments under the direction of one office. Those departments can include water, sewer, gas, electric, waste-water treatment, street and other departments.