Enjoy the ride. At least it's not eyeball-freezing cold or life-draining heat.

I just can’t bring myself to complain about the odd weather we’ve had. Sure, there’s been snow at an unusual time of year, but even when the snow is falling, it’s not too cold. The time I complain is when it’s extreme: 5F with a wind chill of -10F, or 95F with humidity and a head index of 110F, or 25 mph winds gusting up to 40 mph.

Missouri isn’t a fair weather state. I read somewhere that although Kirksville has some of the worst weather in the US. It isn’t the coldest, or the hottest, or the windiest, but it gets extreme in all directions. I appreciate a mild 28F day even if snow is falling in April when it is “supposed” to be warmer. On days like that, I keenly remember both the coldest windy day when I thought my fingers would fall off despite my thick gloves, my eyeballs froze, and I had to coat my face with Vaseline, as well as the hottest humid day when sweat poured off me, I drained bottles and bottles of water, and I nearly collapsed from the loss of electrolytes.

Last winter was an incredibly mild winter. I complained about that because I had just bought studded tires and I was champing at the bit to try them out! This year I couldn’t wait to take the snow tires off. They are fun on ice, but even with the extra snow this winter there wasn’t much ice on the roads, and without ice they are slow, noisy, and heavy. (Next year I’ll have a separate winter bike with studded tires just for icy days.)

Missouri weather always gives us something to complain about. Or you could say that Missouri weather teaches us to appreciate a balmy 40F day.