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by Antonio Prokup
The Little Prince... and Me
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By Antonio Prokup
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April 6, 2013 11:25 a.m.

The little prince is a lot like me in the story the little prince. He is kind, thoughtful, stubborn and very inquisitive and in some ways disabled. The little prince shows his kindness to everyone he meets but especially to his beloved rose. I am thoughtful to everyone and devoted to my family. The little prince is stubborn in that he never lets a question of his go unanswered. I am stubborn because I like to have things orderly and canít do anything else unless everything around me is orderly first.
The little prince asks numerous questions about life, the way people live it, and why they live their life that certain way. I ask or ponder situations in life continuously. I love thinking and analyzing peopleís actions and behaviors. Also I believe in a far fetched way the little prince is disabled. He does not have a family or friends to lean on or even talk to, so he has a disability or an obstacle that we on earth donít have. Because of this disability he needs to find other things to love, such as his rose. Because of my disability I have had to find other ways to survive.

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