Is there anything sweeter than puppy breath?

  Pet rescue has its rewards. It's wonderful to realize that an abandoned, neglected, possibly abused, dog or cat is getting a second chance for a happy life. That is an intrinsic reward that all rescuers can identify with. It makes us feel good knowing that our efforts are appreciated by not only the potential adopters, but especially the rescued pet. A soft purr, a lick on the hand, a proferred paw, a wagging tail all go to show that we have been thanked.

Recently Uffda has taken in several litters of puppies from a hoarding situation, as well as some adult dogs. The puppies are tiny bits and too young to know they have been rescued from a life of neglect. Hopefully all will soon be able to transition from our foster homes to furver homes where they will experience only loving attention. During the rescue I held several of the babies which snuggled into my neck. I felt their soft breath against my throat. What a privilege it is to be a rescuer.