Although I’ve heard Joyce Schaefferkoetter say this a number of times over the last few weeks, it still makes me chuckle.

Joyce, from St. James, is chairman of Phelps County Master Gardeners first ever Growing Green Fair scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Baptist Church’s Ministry Center off Tenth Street.

The interactive fair – trust me, there will be a lot going on all day– is designed to give families a boost to get outdoors and garden. Besides a variety of demonstration booths from bees to how to grow your own red wrigglers, speakers every half hour will discuss climate change, soils, drip irrigation and garden pollinators. After watching demonstrations, fair goers can buy homegrown plants to get their gardens growing.

Planning for a new event like this takes a lot of work, including sorting through a ton of details. After several weeks together, our planning committee has developed its own rhythm.

Quiet Sarah Farmer can makes us apoplectic with laughter over some quip over a glitch. Marilyn Fox deviously works us out of some hiccup with a raised eyebrow and a twinkle in her eye. I can hear the smile on Ina Bicknell's face as she leaves me a voice mail about something she has found to spice up our presentations. Harriet Bain's accented English can lead to some interesting candidates for new words in the English language, and Emily Brown's clarifying questions ensure we all know who is doing what and when. Which reminds me….

Shirley Carroll is a wannabe Master Gardener but she's an honorary one in my book, she has a truck outfitted with shelves in the back in case she runs into a plant sale, how cool is that?

It's been fun to get to know Cheryl Holtz-Gorman. She has made our Facebook page a wonderful resource for other gardening events in the area, in case you get hooked on gardening this weekend, and plant wranglers Carla Puller and Cindee Herrick have amazingly kept track of homegrown plants ready for their new homes. I forgot to tell them I'm one less, "someone" inhaled one of my catnip plant starts.

Signs, did you say signs? Phelps County Master Gardener President Laura Lackey has a template she can share…or extra pots, ribbons for tags, round band-aids…everyone needs a Laura on their planning committee. When all else fails, ask Laura, if you haven't already.

And keep a lookout for quiet Fred Muessig, our logistics coordinator. This mild-mannered gardener, also from St. James, harbors an impish graffiti artist who delights in altering my pictures with captions of what "really" was being said…

It's been a blast working with all of you. And Harriet, don't forget, you're in charge of good weather!