The collection of over $21,000,000 during the 2012 tax year kept us busy but ran smoothly.  Each year presents various experiences that are interesting and sometimes challenging, but we learn from those experiences and work hard to increase our efficiency and service to Pulaski County taxpayers.  
Missouri County Collectors are required to account for all collected revenue throughout the year which runs from March 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013.  At the end of February county collectors must complete an annual settlement that balances, to the penny, the amount collected with the amount distributed. The 2012 annual settlement presented to the Pulaski County Commission showed the annual collection was $21,015,199.19.  
Although this is the highest amount ever collected, it isn’t attributed to increased valuations or levy amounts; those have, for the most part, remained the same.  The primary reason for the increase is due to the continued growth and development of the county.  A positive aspect to your county tax payment is the distribution of money; it goes to services and infrastructure within the county.  The State Blind Pension Fund (levy amount of .03) is the only part of your total tax dollars going to a state entity.  Our web site,, has the levy rates for 2007-2012; you may want to peruse that link to compare the levy amounts over the years for the school districts, fire and ambulance districts, road & bridge, health dept., etc.  
Both personal property and real estate amounts are based on the assessed valuation of property which would be about 19% of the appraised value of residential property, 32% of commercial property, and 33% of personal property.  Real estate has not been reassessed since 2007 unless major improvements have been made to the property; personal property values change according to the value of the vehicles owned January 1 of the tax year which will create greater fluctuation in the amount due each year.       
Missouri State Statutes require county collectors to print and mail delinquent real estate statements in March.  If you received a delinquent statement and you have an escrow account through your mortgage company, call customer service immediately to notify them of the unpaid amount and make sure they have your correct account number; the mortgage company is responsible for any accrued penalties and interest.  If you purchased a home or refinanced your home toward the end of the year, this may have complicated the escrow payment process, but it is easily corrected by making contact with your mortgage company.