Waynesville may have the first ever roundabout in Pulaski County.

The city announced plans to improve the highway 17 and T highway intersection, in Waynesville, Thursday night.

The project is in conjunction with MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation), who will fund half of the cost of improvements and do the work for a total cost of two million dollars.

According to the city council, MoDOT's preliminary plans include installing a roundabout at the intersection to help with traffic issues, which will make Waynesville the site of the first roundabout in Pulaski County.

Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman said she would have to keep an "open mind" about the issue of roundabouts because MoDOT is highly in favor of them.

"We've just got to get used to the r-word," Hardman said.

MoDOT is still in the planning phases of the project and nothing is set in stone yet, according to the city, but a roundabout is the way MoDOT is leaning. The city says the project wouldn't begin until 2014 and MoDOT will hold public hearings to hear any concerns residents may have about the project.