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by Antonio Prokup
State Academic Bowl Finalist Making History
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By Antonio Prokup
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May 13, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Students in sports have the opportunity to compete and be recognized on several levels and throughout their career at school. The academic achievements of a student, however, is not recognized as much. Sadly, as a result, teams such as academic bowl teams suffer from lack of participants and .: lack of importance. So, anytime a school the size of Bevier manages to put together not only an academic bowl team, but one that is truly competitive in the state, it is remarkable. That is exactly what happened in Bevier in the spring of 2013.
I, Antonio Prokup, was privileged to be a part of this remarkable team. The team coached by Brian Toll consisted of 10 members, sophomores through seniors. Team members were Seniors Heath Petre, Tayler Hedworth, and Chandice Gladbach. Juniors were Andrew Peter, Aaron Peter, Jeremee Nute, Blake McElhaney and me. sophomores were Emily Bader, and Jacob Peukert. These 10 students worked very hard at their sport and represented our school well.
On the morning of May 3, 2013 my mom and I got up early to follow the team to the schools very first appearance at the state level in academic bowl. I was so excited to be a part of such a monumental occasion. I was determined to be with the team and to represent Bevier. I even was able to be a part of the team photo and anyone who knows me will know how rare that is for me to say.
After the photo, our team made their way to the first game room. Extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate our enormous fan following. Some official even said that Bevier has a standard of bringing their whole town when supporting their teams. Unfortunately, after playing 3 games and ending with a record of 1 and 2 we did not make it to the final four.
Coming home with 5th place, however, was something we should be proud of and I of course will never forget the experience. The four starters will forever have my sincere admiration for a job well done. Now when I walk through the halls of Bevier in 20 or so years and see my name along with theirs in the trophy case, I will forever be grateful to them for not only their intelligence but their desire to be on the team. This desire led our school's making history.

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