A “missing piece” to downtown Waynesville will soon be complete.

A "missing piece" to downtown Waynesville will soon be complete.

We Can Development has spent the last four years transforming the look and feel of downtown Waynesville by revamping older buildings and developing businesses all around the Square to add to the quaint charm that downtown Waynesville has.

Ursula Lebioda said that the company has envisioned the downtown area as a place where people in community could live, shop, dine, and explore.

And on June 1, another piece to that puzzle will be complete with the completion of Roubidoux Plaza, a retail center located on Benton Street in the Waynesville square in the old Western Auto lot. Roubidoux Plaza will consist of seven retail spaces, ranging from 300-1,400 square feet each, with a courtyard.

Lebioda said that the company decided on the name Roubidoux Plaza because they wanted to tribute the site to a historical, classic Waynesville favorite.

"We are proud of where we live and want to share a common name that's a huge part of our town"

Lebioda said that right now We Can Development is still in the process of showing spaces to interested businesses, all with great ideas and added charm for another step toward a great downtown.

"We're seeing a lot of excitement for retail downtown," she said. "We're excited to see more development downtown with more energy and business interest."