Veterans, service members, military families and local residents spent their Saturday volunteering for "The Mission Continues" Summer Slam Project at the Pulaski County Annex Building.

Representatives from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines attended along with local Boy Scouts troops, several churches, local organizations, and individual families came together to help rehabilitate the Pulaski County Annex Building, also known as the old Waynesville Middle School Building.

Volunteers painted more than 40,000 square feet of walls inside the building in just 90 minutes. They built outdoor break areas and nine picnic tables and installed several landscaping features. Volunteers also painted a fence and laid sod down in an area that will be a future playground.

Linda Bright, Executive Director of the Fort Leonard Wood Armed Services YMCA, which is located in the Pulaski County Annex Building, said the day was "tremendously successful."

Bright said that the organization actually had to stop accepting volunteers on their website because it reached capacity.

"It was truly an event where the whole community came together," he said.

Al Hrabosky, former MLB player for both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals, made a special guest appearance at the event. Hrabosky now works for Fox Sports Midwest, which sponsored the event. Hrabosky met with the volunteers and signed autographs, including a t-shirt for Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman. Hardman gave Hrabosky a coin from the City of Waynesville.

Bright said that the purpose of the Pulaski County Annex Building is to be a hub for non-profit organizations and the improvements of this building will benefit the lives of people all over the county.