When 13-year-old Christofer Sander saw that his 7-year-old sister Sarah Rose had taken a hard fall at a Branson water resort, he rushed to her side to help and used the first-responding skills he had learned in boy scouts to keep her conscious.

Christofer refused to leave his sister's side, continued talking to her and kept her alert, insuring she would not slip out of consciousness.

After Christofer's mother rushed his sister to the hospital, the doctor at the emergency room told the family that Sarah Rose had suffered a serious head injury, and that his first responding skills had helped prevent her injury from worsening.

The staff at the emergency room asked Christofer where he learned first-responding skills and he told him his Boy Scout Troop, Troop 147 of Crocker, had taught him how to take care of an injured person and other first-responding skills.

Christofer said it was his job as a Boy Scout help his sister and he would help anyone who needed help. He said he hopes no one will need help for a long time, because he don't want to see anyone hurt, or hurt like his sister was.

Christofer just graduated 7th grade from Crocker Junior High School and will soon become a First Scout.