The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the Big Piney River at Fort Leonard Wood.

The Big Piney is scheduled to crest at 17'6" tomorrow evening, June 1. According to Fort Leonard Wood's Installation Operation Center, this is considered a Moderate Flood Stage, which may impact Happy Hollow Recreational Area, Lower Training Area 250 and Fort Leonard Wood 25, which is a roadway between the post's East Gate and Happy Hollow. Those driving on Fort Leonard Wood should watch for water over the roadways near Stone Mill Spring and Piney Valley Golf Course.

Areas on Fort Leonard Wood closed due to flooding:

Dundas Ford is closed due to flooding;

FLW D near Cooksville Ford is closed;

FLW DD closed due to a downed tree.

Those driving on the installation are reminded to not drive through moving water on the roadways. Flooding is occurring state-wide and is expected to continue through the next 48 hours, according to the post's IOC.