Waynesville may be ready to begin selling spots in its new industrial park as soon as October of this year, according to city administrator Bruce Harrill.

The final plat for the industrial park was approved at the recent May city council meeting. The final plat shows the layout of the lots that will be up for sale in the 72 acre section of land the city purchased to accommodate the industrial park.

The industrial park is located on the outer road between Hunter’s Point and Buckhorn close to the West Gate entrance of Fort Leonard Wood.

Harrill reported that the city “has been busy working on roads and utility infrastructure” and crews were working on the industrial park entrance Monday.

Waynesville mayor Luge Hardman reported that the plans for the park were moving right along, including signing an agreement with the Pulaski County Sewer District to provide sewer service, as well as the city’s plans for building a water tower on that side of the interstate.

“One of our goals from our Comprehensive Plan was to build an industrial park and offer I-44 accessible land for small business, distribution centers and commercial sites. This has become a reality with our purchase of 70 acres across the interstate. Our staff has been very busy bringing infrastructure to the area. Our roads have been roughed in and you are beginning to see what the area might look like,” Hardman said.

The industrial park was recently changed from agricultural to mixed zoning, allowing for commercial and industrial development.

Harrill said the city hopes to attract businesses that will create jobs and believes the location of the industrial park will offer a unique advantage to businesses that build there.

Businesses in the industrial park will have I-44 visibility, will have easy interstate access, as well as a very close location to the west gate entrance of Fort Leonard Wood.

“We have seen an interest in the park and are looking at hiring a commercial developer to help us market the land. Working with the Pulaski County Growth Alliance on a spec building is also a real plus to help us get off the ground. The city is looking for development and jobs for our citizens,” Hardman said.

Harrill said Waynesville has “a good workforce” where many people are underemployed and believes the industrial park will offer both businesses and Waynesville residents “an opportunity.”

Hardman agreed that it would be advantageous to businesses and industry to move into the industrial park because Waynesville already has “a ready workforce and a highly trained workforce, in many instances. Our local educational (institutions) can offer training for many of the jobs that would fit that location.”

Both Harrill and Hardman reported that there have been enquiries and interest from businesses and industry about building in the industrial park, but lots won’t be for sale until the park is ready.