The 12-Screen theatre complex in Waynesville will soon start to take shape.

Recently, B&B Theatres announced Larry Snyder Construction as the general contractor for the Waynesville Patriot 12 Cinema and the company expects to start seeing construction soon.

According to Brock Bagby, a representative for B&B Theatres, the Waynesville Patriot 12 project was delayed for a while due to several issues, including its location on GW Lane in West Waynesville. In late 2012, the company said it expected a Summer 2013 opening.

"We're just finishing up doing the grading on the hill, but I expect Larry Snyder to start getting trucks out there in the next week," Bagby said on Monday. "We should really start to see progress in the next 30-40 days."

Bagby said that the company had to remove 17 feet off the hill to make the lot flat and accessible.

B &B also recently changed the design of the theatre, causing the project to delay. The Marquee Bar and Grille will now be located just off the lobby and will feature a lounge area, outdoor patio, full bar and grille. Two auditoriums named "the Marquee Suites" will feature leather rocker chairs, a full-service waiting staff, and a full bar and grill. Only guests 21 years of age and older will be able to enter the suites, but guests do not have to buy a movie ticket to enjoy the bar and grill services.

"We switched the design around to where the Marquee area," he said. "It's going to right off the lobby and more accessible to guests."

Bagby said that the kitchen for the suites will actually be accessible for theatre guests to order items such as a burger or fries.

"Because the kitchen will be right by the concession stand, we will offer full-entree items for other guests who aren't in the suites."

Bagby said that B&B also had delays with the project because of banking issues and the company has been working on the biggest project in the company's history in Dallas, which was just completed in April.

"We're really excited that people are going to finally start seeing this building go up," he said. "Now that the Dallas project is done, we can spend out time focusing on the Waynesville project.

The theatre will feature a grand screen, which will be one of the largest in the state of Missouri, spanning a massive six stories high and three stories wide.

"We're really glad to give the military that grand screen experience for movies like "Star-Trek" or "Dark Knight," we really wanted to amp that screen up to give them the full experience," Bagby said.

Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman said that the City is looking forward to this project to get going.

"The city is thrilled to are this long-awaited project begin," she said. "It will offer first class entertainment and will also increase interest in our West Waynesville area. Our thanks to the Bagby family."

Bagby said that B&B expects a March 2014 opening date.