Our house was hit by lightening a couple of weeks ago.  Thank goodness no one was hurt and the house didn’t catch on fire but one of our TVs, the DVD player and the satellite didn’t fare so well.  I called our satellite provider and apparently their thoughts on getting it fixed as soon as possible and mine were two different things so we were without television all weekend long.   We actually didn’t stay in as much over the weekend, we did a lot of different things and were outside and it was nice to spend that time with my husband.  Of course my kids were hooked up to their Ipad’s watching Netflix or movies on an old TV.  I thought back to the days of my childhood, and not to give my age away but I can remember when we had three channels and you had to actually get up off the couch and turn the knob on the TV if you wanted to change stations!   And the old Jeff Foxworthy joke about “the President is on, he’s on every channel, we are gonna miss Flipper” was really true!  

Technology has come a long way since I was a kid.  When I was in high school I took typing in 10th grade, with the big loud electric typewriters that were plugged into the ceiling.  And then by my senior year we had computer class and the computer was this big monster of a thing and you put different programs in to get a picture of something at the end IF you wrote the program right! About 12 years later I bought my first cell phone, a bag phone, it was big and bulky and would break your foot if you dropped it on it but best I can remember, had great reception!   Speaking of cell phones, I always feel better knowing that when my kids leave the house I can get in touch with them if needed because they have cell phones and then I think back to the old days when I left the house and my mama didn’t talk to me again until I showed up for curfew.   Those were the “good ole days”! 

The internet, email and Facebook have taken away letter writing too.  I am old fashioned and as much as I use our technology now, I do miss writing letters and receiving them in the mail.  There is nothing like getting a hand written letter or a card from someone.  And as much as I love the convenience of an email or Facebook message it just isn’t the same!  I have a friend that lives in Alabama and we have known each other for almost 20 years and we still write letters to each other.  She doesn’t have email so phone calls and letters are our ways of communicating and I love getting those letters from her! 

So as technology grows and we grow with it, I won’t say I dislike technology, not at all.  If we didn’t have the internet then I wouldn’t be able to write this blog or keep up with my friends who live all over the United States but I will still hold on to some of the old ways; snail mail, phone calls instead of texts, reading a book instead of watching television and I am thankful that I grew up in a time without all the modern technologies that we have today.