All previous records for a Big Piney River cleanup were broken at the Saturday, June 22 event.

Sixty-six participants volunteered for the river cleanup.  Fifty-six tires, 76 large bags of trash, chairs, ruined cattle panels and fencing, cattle supplement feeders, and more were pulled out of the river.  Missouri Stream Team members commented that they are "over-the-hump" removing old tires from the Big Piney River.  However, aluminum beer cans, which should be recycled, have become the predominant trash item in the river.

Event organizers are the Big Piney River Stream Team Watershed Association and the Missouri Stream Team.  The organizers wish to thank their many donors, including the Raftville Canoe Company, Millers Grill, Walmart, Town and Country, the Piney River Brewery, Cabool Tire, Bumper to Bumper, Shetlers and Orchelns.