I gagged on a cucumber.

So some things that I'm not eating, that I didn't before I tried the three week slimdown include: black and kidney beans, lots of mushrooms, power greens, almond milk, cooked tomatoes and peppers.

Things that I still won't eat are cucumbers, carrots, and lettuce.

My taste pallette has definitely grown and I'm excited about that.  I can tell when I eat something that is bad for me because I get heartburn.  When I was detoxing, I didn't have heartburn at all.  Another thing I noticed is that I don't miss pop.  When my son gets one he doesn't usually finish it and I would just drink it for him.  Now we've had bottles of pop sitting in the fridge for a week.  I'm also excited when I go to the store and can stop on the outsides of the store and not need anything from the freezer isles or the chips and such. 

I think the next step is adding exercise back into the routine.  The Glow in the Night 5k is August 17 and I'm excited and worried at the same time.  I've been nursing a bad ankle since the last 5k and recently went and saw a specialist.  He told me that the bone density is what is causing my ankle to hurt.  I did notice though that when I am more active, it doesn't hurt which is great. 

Tomorrow I'll let you in on some new recipes I'm trying!!!