Though flooding has overtaken much of Waynesville, Waynesville R-VI School District plans to start the 2013-14 school year on time.

WAYNESVILLE – Despite severe flooding in Waynesville and surrounding areas, the school year is set to begin on time.

Judene Blackburn, Waynesville R-VI School District superintendent, said major flooding along Roubidoux and Mitchell creeks will not affect the scheduled August 26 start of school date.

"While we did experience flooding, clean-up and repair work is underway and we fully expect to be able to begin classes … as planned," Blackburn said.

Several propane tanks were washed away from nearby properties to Waynesville Middle School, but have since been "properly attended to," Blackburn said.

However, flooding did force the district to move new student registration from Waynesville Middle School to Waynesville Career Center on Tuesday morning.

Blackburn said it is unclear if weather affected new student enrollment numbers since numbers vary year to year.

"We really probably couldn't ascertain whether moving new student enrollment impacted numbers enrolling [Tuesday]," Blackburn said.

Enrollment resumed at the middle school Wednesday morning.

Blackburn warned Waynesville students, teachers and faculty to be cautious during the current flooding situation.

"If you don't have to be out and about in areas that are experiencing flooding, then you should stay home," Blackburn said. "let people assist you if you need assistance and just keep a level head and remain calm."