An area organization is accepting donations, in accordance with the City of Waynesville, to help flood victims and families in need.

An area organization is accepting donations, in accordance with the City of Waynesville, to help flood victims and families in need.

Good Samaritan of the Ozarks is a faith based charitable organization that operates Genesis House, a local battered women's shelter, and local food pantry. Good Samaritan has a long history of providing emergency relief to those in need, administering programs for underprivileged children and families, programs for needy elderly, and programs for food and gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to the organization, in 2012, Good Samaritan provided 8,757 families with commodities and/or emergency food, 1,677 families with Thanksgiving and holiday food baskets, while providing 8,962 items of clothing and household goods to families in need.

The charity has routinely provided for victims of fires, floods, tornadoes and other catastrophes emergency clothing, furniture and household items as part of its Restart Program.

Good Samaritan director Connie Chambers said people could designate items specifically for flood victims and the Resource Center would be storing them in the space behind the Food Pantry.

Chambers said that Good Samaritan wants to help in the aftermath of the disaster because many people will have lost "basic needs" like household goods, furniture, appliances, bedding and other important items that would have been ruined by flood water.

While flood victims can get emergency relief through American Red Cross, Good Samaritan is more concerned with the days, weeks and months that will follow this disaster as people try to salvage what they can from their homes, according to Chambers.

The city of Waynesville said in a press release that Good Samaritan will be the point of contact for monetary donations and other items for Waynesville and Pulaski County flood relief, but as a municipal agency could not "sponsor or recommend private charities." The city cited Good Samaritan's "experience in dealing with the allocation of funds and goods to people in need" as a reason to use them as a point of contact.

Chambers said the organization is always actively seeking gently used clothing, furniture, household goods, appliances and other necessities, but they feel they are going to require more of it than they have in the past because of the flood.

Good Samaritan said that donors are welcome to designate items that will be specifically for flood victims in the months to come. However, should an item not be needed by flood victims after that time, the agency would use the leftover items to sell in the thrift store to help fund the ministry's continuing efforts to help all people in need.

To help Pulaski County and Waynesville flood victims

Donations can be dropped off at Good Samaritan Resource Center located at 1809 Historic 66 West, Waynesville, MO 65583. For more information call 573-774-4040