What has been identified as at least a 100-year flood can't keep the city down for long.

WAYNESVILLE – What has been identified as at least a 100-year flood can't keep the city down for long. In a Monday evening … meeting, Waynesville city administrator Bruce Harrill said the emergency response period “is basically over.” Harrill was gracious to all support Waynesville received during last week's major flood. “We had officers from Rolla, Lebanon, St. Robert, and of course a lot of Missouri State Highway Patrol; we had National Guard, [military police] units,” Harrill said. “We did get a lot of support from other police departments to make sure the city was covered.” Police officers and volunteers rescued more than 60 individuals despite two emergency rescue boats capsizing. Waynesville mayor Luge Hardman said a mere six injuries were reported, though none were considered serious. “You think about what happened, that's amazing,” Hardman said. Aside from those injuries, however, city officials expressed their deepest condolences for a young family – a 4-year-old boy and his 23-year-old mother – which was washed away in rapid floodwaters. “The city is very sad a about the death of our young family,” Hardman said. “They are of course on our mind.” Hardman added that the city will be represented at a funeral for the mother and son, to be held Wednesday. Now that floodwaters have receded closer to normal levels, however, the time for a rebuilding process is imminent. “We're starting to clean up,” Harrill said. “We're planning on using some city forces – dump trucks and other vehicles – and start on Valley Road [Tuesday].” The city is currently working with Zeigenbein … to remove health-hazardous materials, and will work with other entities such as Missouri State Emergency Management Agency diligently to elevate city status to where it stood pre-flood. Harril said the city's main focus as of now is the removal of health related items to ensure the well being of flood-affected residents, but a more thorough pick-up session will take place Friday.