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  • Documentation important to qualify for SEMA and FEMA

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    • Resources and information from Pulaski County ...
      American Red Cross:
      Please contact the American Red Cross for disaster related needs. The American Red Cross is a partner of the Pulaski County COAD and is the ...
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      Resources and information from Pulaski County Emergency Management
      American Red Cross:


      Please contact the American Red Cross for disaster related needs. The American Red Cross is a partner of the Pulaski County COAD and is the primary intake point for all disaster assistance.

      United Way 2-1-1:

      Dial 2-1-1 or

      (800) 427-4626

      or go to www.stlvolunteer.org/disasterrecovery to register to volunteer. As needs arise, volunteers may be contacted to assist.

      University of Missouri Extension:

      573) 774-4725

      University of Missouri Extension, as a partner of the Pulaski County COAD, has established an information call center for Pulaski County residents to receive information pertaining to disaster related needs. Additionally, please visit http://extension.missouri/edu/flood or www.facebook.com/MoFloodInfo for information on abatement of mold, food spoilage, etc.

      SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline: (800)985-5990

      The SAMSHA Disaster Distress Helpline is staffed by trained counselors from a network of crisis call centers located across the United States, all of whom provide: crisis counseling for persons with emotional distress related to a disaster, information on how to recognize distress and its effects, tips for healthy coping, and referrals to the local crisis call centers or 2-1-1 call centers for additional follow-up care and support.

      Missouri Bar Association Disaster Legal Services hotline:


      Individuals affected by recent flooding events who have legal questions may contact the Missouri Bar Association Disaster Legal Services hotline for consultation.

      Consumer Insurance hotline: Toll-free


      The Consumer Insurance hotline can provide assistance with claims due to power outages or food spoilage.

      Pulaski County Community and Faith Based Coalition:




      The Pulaski County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) is a collaborative entity increasing communication and coordination among Pulaski County organizations for disaster response and recovery. Organizations such including faith-based and community organizations, businesses and emergency management are invited to become involved in the Pulaski County COAD.

      Frequently asked


      Is there a number I can call for


      The Pulaski County COAD, in connection with University of Missouri Extension has set up a call center where survivors, volunteers, and organizations can get information on how to best assist the community, access to resources, and general information from county emergency management. For all disaster related information please call 573-774-4725 Monday-Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM.

      What is a Multi-Agency Relief Center (MARC)?

      A Multi-Agency Relief Center is a central location where assistance for survivors is provided. Community organizations such as the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and many other organizations will be available at the MARC to assist all community members affecting by the flooding events. The MARC will be open from 10 AM until 6 PM beginning Tuesday, August 13th through Friday, August 16th at Westside Baptist Church (801 Historic Hwy 66 West Waynesville, MO). Individuals should bring proof of address if available. Services will include food, water, clothing, debris removal services, and much more!

      Where can I donate materials?

      Material donations are being collected at Good Samaritan (1811 Historic Route 66 West Waynesville, MO). Please no used clothes. Monetary donations are preferred in order to assist individuals with specific long term needs through the Pulaski County COAD.

      Where can I make a monetary donation?

      The Pulaski County COAD has established a fund at Security Bank of Waynesville. People can contact Security Bank and make a monetary donation to assist individuals in meeting long term recovery needs. This fund is managed by the Pulaski County COAD to meet local needs. All monetary donations will be used locally.

      What should I know about scams?

      As a reminder the Pulaski County Sheriff, Ron Long, has cautioned residents to be on alert for identity thieves posing as government officials or charity workers offering help. Contractors must register with the City of Waynesville or with the county before they can perform any work. Please be cautious of scams for debris removal and housing repairs.

      What can I do with my debris?

      For residents within the City of Waynesville: Please separate your debris into three piles; wood debris, metal/recyclable debris, and trash. Place the debris on the curb outside of your residence.

      For residents within Pulaski County:

      The county will assist you in removing wood debris. Please place the wood debris on the road outside of your residence and the county will assist you in removing it.
  • In the wake of the recent flooding, individuals, businesses, and others who have been affected are being encouraged by government officials to document everything related to their flood and water damage.
    "People need to keep track of what they spend and what they're doing,"Presiding commissioner Gene Newkirk said,
    Newkirk said documentation will be very important if and when the area is certified as a disaster area by SEMA (Missouri State Emergency Management Agency) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
    According to Newkirk, the area has to be certified by SEMA first before it can be certified by FEMA.
    "We have to meet the threshold in order to get assistance," Newkirk said.
    Newkirk estimated that between eight and 12 million dollars worth of damage has been done in the county between individuals, businesses and other entities such as schools. He also said that 90 percent of the roads in the county were affected, 60 percent of which were severely damaged.
    "We're just trying to make the roads so people can get in and out. They aren't going to be perfect and won't be for a while," Newkirk said.
    Pulaski County Emergency Management Agency director Lawton "Smitty" Smith is asking farmers to report damage to him and he will help them find the resources they need.
    Both Newkirk and Smith said people need to take pictures, save receipts and document as much as they can in anticipation of a declaration from SEMA and FEMA.
    The area has not been certified as a disaster area by SEMA, but Newkirk said he felt confident that it would happen.
    Once the declarations come, people will be able to take their documentation and use that to help get assistance.
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