I just finished the book Quiet. It was amazing because it talks about the value of the quiet introverted people in our noisy extroverted world.

In business it's important to be bold, outgoing, happy and charming. Business schools actually cultivate that type of personality because it has been successful behavior in the past. Well, that might be changing. Susan Cain has written about how quiet introverted people have a tremendous amount to offer. In fact, many of our new inventions were developed by these type of people. She points out how important it is to appreciate and support both types of personalities - not that there are only two!

As I've now worked on my business for almost thirty years, I've come to appreciate the quiet times. The time at work before all my colleagues get here. The time after work when I finish things up and line out my next day - and even the occasional weekend. It's when I do some of my most productive work. I love having the time to think things through without interruption.

It might be a good business model - find some quiet time for yourself to focus on those important things that you just aren't getting around to doing. That time may be some of the best time you have each day.

Here's a link to Susan's website and a little more information about Quiet.

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