Approximately $6,000 worth of property items were stolen from the western district shed in the last week, according to Pulaski County commissioners.

Western Commissioner Rick Zweerink said that the thief or thieves stole four truck tires, worth approximately $2,000, and a hydraulic broom that was worth around $4,000.

The hydraulic broom was intended for the east district, but the chaos of the flood forced county officials to store it in the western district shed, located in the Swedeburg area.

Pulaski County Clerk Brent Basset said that the shed has been robbed once before. After the incident, the county purchased a security camera.

Zweerink said that it looked like from the security tapes that the thief knew the camera was there.

“He crawled up the conduit pipe on the side and turned the camera straight to the ground,” he said. “He knew the camera situation perfectly.”

Zweerink said commissioners are working to get an image from camera tapes.

The incident occurred on Thursday, Aug. 29 at around 11 p.m. Commissioners request the public keep an eye out if they are around the shed and to call the police if anyone is around it late at night.