VIENNA — Homeowners in Maries County last weekend awoke to find a minor who had passed out after entering their home without permission, ate some of their food, threw up and relieved himself on the floor, according to a law enforcement official.

A press release from Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman states that sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call the morning of Sept. 14 on Maries County Road 334 near Vienna.The homeowners told deputies that they "woke up and found a young male sleeping on their couch," Heitman said. They did not know who he was.Heitman describe the young man as a "minor who was extremely intoxicated." The minor's name was not released.According to an investigation, the minor crashed his vehicle and caused property damage at a church, Heitman said. The minor then left the vehicle running at the scene of the accident and walked down Maries County Road 334 where he unlawfully entered the residence, Heitman said.While inside the residence, "the minor vomited and defecated himself on the homeowner's floor. The minor then helped himself to items in their refrigerator and passed out on their couch."Heitman said a Taser had to be used on the subject to take him into custody. The minor was later released to his parents.The minor stated the last thing he remembered was "playing beer pong at a party," Heitman said."This young man is very lucky. Considering he was that intoxicated and didn't kill himself or someone else while he was driving is a blessing," the sheriff said. "He is also lucky the homeowners didn't shoot him for unlawfully entering their house during the night time hours."