Lowe Chevrolet donates $3550 to the Pulaski County COAD

After the August flood swept through the county and damaged hundreds of homes, the employees of Lowes Chevrolet decided they wanted to do something for the victims.

Starting on Aug. 15, Lowe Chevrolet donated $50 for every vehicle it sold for the rest of the month.

"We actually ended up having a very blessed month," said Judy Rubles, sales and marketing for Lowe Chevrolet.

Lowe Chevrolet sold a total of 71 vehicles from Aug. 15- Aug. 31. Rubles said the number of cars they sold in that period of time was above normal.

"We really felt like the community helped us out," Rubles said. "We appreciate being here in the Waynesville community. They take care of us, so when something happens, we feel like we should take care of them and this was a good way of doing it. "

On Friday, Lowe Chevrolet donated a check for $3550.00 to the Pulaski County COAD. COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster). COAD is serving as the central hub for volunteers helping flood victims.

"We realized there were a lot of flood victims out there who weren't getting help from the government and some of these organizations like Pulaski County COAD had been working day-and-night to try to help them and they need all the funding they can get," she said. "This was just our small way of doing that and let Pulaski County know we will help them."