Nationally-known southern rock band plays in Turkey Ridge

The sweet southern rock sounds of "Simple Man", "Free Bird", and "Sweet Home Alabama" echoed throughout the rural Ozark neighborhood of Turkey Ridge on Sunday.

While it wasn't Lynyrd Syknyrd performing, it was pretty close.

The Jimmie Van Zant Band played at the Dead Rabbit Saloon Sunday night, as a part of the "Rock the Ridge" concert series.

After a minor rain delay, Phat Mike and the Bartenders opened the concert with the band's soulful "rock-n-blues" music.

Jimmie Van Zant hit the stage and got the crowd of 150 dancing to the southern rock hits of his own and of Lynard Skynyrd's. Jimmie Van Zant is the cousin of late Lynyrd Syknyrd legend, Ronnie Van Zant.

The Jimmie Van Zant Band recently released a southern rock album called "Feels Like Freedom."

During the concert, Van Zant talked about how he's played for crowds of more than 10,000 people before, but nothing beats the intimate backyard setting of a rural bar in Mid-Missouri.

He even sang a modified version of Sweet Home Alabama, changing it to "Sweet Home, Turkey Ridge" then "Sweet Home Dead Rabbit."

Dead Rabbit Saloon owner Billy James Clayton said the event was a great kickoff for the bar's fall concert series.

"Jimmie told me he felt honored to help in launching what we are trying to do her with music,"Clayton said.

Clayton, a musician himself, said that the Jimmie Van Zant Concert was be the first of many national acts playing in Pulaski County.

Next up in the fall concert series will be The Lacs on Oct. 3 at 6 p.m.