The Waynesville Police Department has taken several reports of theft from Waynesville residences reference items being taken from their vehicles.

The owners are reporting various items being taken while the vehicle is parked at their residence during the overnight hours. It is believed that the suspect or suspects are on foot traveling through residential areas looking for unlocked cars and entering them. The suspects could be parking a vehicle at another location and walking into the residential areas as well.

A white truck has been seen loitering in residential areas and that may be the suspect vehicle.

In some cases, nothing has been taken but the contents of vehicles have been gone through and thrown out.

This investigation is on-going and the Waynesville Police Department is asking the citizens of Waynesville to take a little extra time to ensure their vehicles are secured and any important items be taken out of the vehicles at night; such as money, medications, etc.

The Waynesville Police Department is asking for assistance by calling your local law enforcement agencies if you see any suspicious persons or vehicles in your area. If anyone has any information regarding these latest thefts, please contact the Waynesville Police Department at 774-2414.