Waynesvile Police seek help in finding thieves who have stolen items out of cars recently

Recently the Waynesville Police Department has received several reports of theft from Waynesville residents who have had items stolen from their vehicles.

The owners are reporting various items being taken while the vehicle is parked at their residence during the overnight hours.

 With the help of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department, the Waynesville Police Department, has developed a significant lead in the case.

The Waynesville Police Department said they are looking  for three white males in their late teens to early 20s driving red passenger vehicle.

They were last seen on Shalom Mountain off Highway 17 North during the night.

These subjects have hit the greater Waynesville area to include the Settler's Pass, Lafayette Circle and other residential neighborhoods.

The Waynesville Police Department is asking for assistance by calling  local law enforcement agencies if you see any suspicious persons or vehicles in your area.

 If anyone has any information regarding these latest thefts, please contact the Waynesville Police Department at 774-2414.