The City of Crocker Police Department has recently been awarded a Cops Hiring grant funded by the Department of Justice.

This grant will fund 75 percent of one full-time School Resource Officer for the Crocker Schools, for approximately three years.

The Crocker Police Department was one of three Police departments in the State of Missouri to receive the grant. Other agencies included St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and Kansas City Police Department.

The City of Crocker in April of 2013 hired a full-time School resource officer with the aid of the Crocker Schools. This happened in the wake of the Sandy Hook School incident.

"It is a resource that is invaluable to the community and the school,” Chief of Police Chris Twitchel said. “Our kids are our future and that is what we need to protect. We feel lucky to have been able to secure the grant when we were going up against bigger agencies such as Kansas City and St. Louis. It appears we are the only small agency in the State of Missouri to receive the grant."

Since the inception of the School Resource position in April, the SRO has implemented drug prevention programs, anti-bulling programs, Active Shooter awareness trainings for teachers, a system for buses to help prevent students from getting on the wrong bus and conflict resolution services for students. The SRO program will continue to develop more programs to aid in school safety as the next three years on the grant unfolds.