A 37-year-old man who coached boys and girls soccer at Crocker High School was accused of having sexual contact with a student this week.

A 37-year-old high school soccer coach has been arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with a student.

Kevin Zimmerman, who was a substitute teacher and coached soccer with the Crocker School District for more than two years, has been charged with three counts of having sexual contact with a student.

The probable cause statement issued by Crocker Police Chief Chris Twitchel stated that authorities began investigating Zimmerman after he sent pornographic images to an undercover officer who was located in St. Louis County.

During the investigation, which began on Oct. 2, Zimmerman was interviewed and admitted to being in a relationship with a student while being employed for the Crocker School District.

Zimmerman said his relationship with the victim turned intimate in the spring of the victim's senior year of high school.

The probable cause statement said that the victim admitted to having sex with Zimmerman at his lake house in Camden County more than three times while the victim was a student at Crocker High School.

Both Zimmerman and the victim admitted to investigators they were friends for several years while the victim was in high school.

As soon as officers were informed of the incidents, Zimmerman was immediately arrested and removed from the school.

According to Twitchel, Zimmerman has been charged with three counts of sexual contact with a student, a class D Felony, His bond is set at $100,000.

"The safety of our children from sexual predators are important," Twitchel said. "As soon as we learned of the suspected crime, we immediately took the investigation as a priority. We have been working with the school and, as of now, there is only one suspected victim."

If convicted, Zimmerman could face up to 12 years imprisonment.

Twitchel said further charges are expected to be filed as a result of an ongoing investigation.