The past two days have to be the  most bizarre two days of sports action I can remember.  Just when you think you have seen it all something happens to prove you haven’t even begun yet.  Let’s try to break some of the past weekend’s sports action down. 

Friday was a glorious day weather-wise and sports wise.  Everything went exactly as it was supposed to go.  The Kirksville High School Tigers football team traveled to Fulton and easily beat the Hornets on their home field to continue their impressive winning streak.  The Tigers ended the regular season with a 5 and 4 record and have won four in a row going into district play.  The Tigers begin district play on Thursday night at 7:00 out at Spainhower Field as the Mexico Bulldogs make their second trip to Kirksville this year for a rematch of the KHS homecoming game which the Tigers won 14 to 7.  I see no reason why KHS can’t beat Mexico for a second time to move on to the second round of districts next week. 

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful and seemed like it would be a normal fall Saturday and for a while it was.  The Truman State Bulldogs football team improved to 6 and 2 and remained undefeated in the Great Lakes Valley Conference with a hard fought 27 to 7 victory over the Miners of Missouri SAntT.  The Bulldogs faced a very good defensive team and although they didn’t have their best day offensively or defensively they got the job done.  If the Miners can get their offense to equal their defense they will be a team to be reckoned with.  Truman State is on the road this week to play Kentucky Wesleyan on Saturday.  We will have more on that game in Friday’s blog. 

The South Carolina Gamecocks traveled to Missouri last Saturday night to play the Tigers for Mizzou’s homecoming.  For a while it looked like the Gamecocks were going to go down to a solid defeat.  They were unable to find the goal line for the first three quarters and the early part of the fourth as the Tigers defense played extraordinarily well.  Their offense played well but not great in my opinion but they were up 17 points going into the fourth quarter and looked to be well on their way to posting another big SEC victory.  Then the wheels fell off the buggy in a major way.  The Tigers defense totally collapsed and although I didn’t see all of the fourth quarter it certainly appeared that pretty much everything fell apart for Mizzou at the same time.  I was shocked when I flipped over there late in the fourth quarter and found out that the Gamecocks were back in the game.  Not only were they back in the game but they would go on to win the game in two overtimes as they defeated the Tigers 27 to 24 handing the Tigers their first loss of the year.  I have heard it said that the Tigers would have won if James Franklin hadn’t been hurt but I’m not buying into that.  He doesn’t play on defense, the defense gave up 17 fourth quarter points which sent the game into OT.  I don’t blame Mizzou’s field goal kicker either for missing a field goal in the second OT, obviously he should have made the field goal but he should have never been in that type of situation to begin with.  As far as I’m concerned the lion’s share of the blame falls on the defense who simply didn’t get the job done in the fourth quarter.  Tennessee comes to Columbia on Saturday in a must win game for the Tigers if they are to maintain their lead in the SEC East.  We will have more on that game in Friday’s blog.  Perhaps by then I’ll be over the South Carolina game. 

While the Missouri Tigers debacle was going on the St. Louis Cardinals were not doing anything for my stress level either.  They played a very frustrating game which saw numerous opportunities for them to put the game out of reach early in Game 3 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox Starter Jake Peavy did not pitch well at all and the Cardinals were able to get to him for two first inning runs but the Red Sox came back and the Cardinals would then take the lead only to have the Red Sox tie it up again.  All that led to the bottom of the ninth inning and a play that will be talked about for a long time.  I’m not even going to attempt to describe the obstruction call that ended the game because I’m not sure I can and if you care you have already seen it several times by now.  What I will say is this: it was from everything I’ve heard from many different sources the right call but it’s unfortunate it had to be made.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen a game end that way and I have to admit the Cardinals should feel very lucky to have won that game.  I hope that play doesn’t decide the World Series and after last night’s game I don’t think it will.  I do applaud Allen Craig’s heads up base running though. 

The Kansas City Chiefs moved their record to a perfect 8 and 0 yesterday by beating the Cleveland Browns 23 to 17 but man, they didn’t look good doing it.  Yesterday’s game does not instill confidence in me that the Chiefs have what it takes to beat some of the better teams in the NFL.  The Chiefs are doing enough to win which is fine for now but at some point they are going to have to do more.  Their offense is just barely there and their defense is what is winning them games.  I wasn’t overly impressed with their defense yesterday either but they still got the job done.  The Chiefs are on the road this week as they travel to Buffalo to play the Bills, another team they should beat but I’ll bet it’s another close game. 

The ending of Game 4 of the World Series took away some of the attention that was on the ending of Game 3 of the World Series.  Unfortunately, the Cardinals didn’t win Game 4.  The game ended on a pickoff play in another one of those games the Cardinals should have won but didn’t. 

Game 5 of the World Series is tonight and will be the last chance for the Cardinals to get a victory on their home field.  I think that if the Cardinals cannot win tonight the series is for the most part over, I don’t see them winning two games in a row in Boston.  Adam Wainright takes the mound for the Cardinals tonight hoping to erase the memory of his Game 1 pitching performance.  The way things have been going the game is likely to end with a triple play or something.  The Cardinals need to start hitting better and it needs to happen tonight. 

Not that anyone really cares but the St. Louis Rams are also at home tonight to play the Seattle Seahawks for Monday Night Football.  I’m still trying to digest the fact that the Rams actually called Brett Favre to try to lure him out of retirement when Sam Bradford went down.  I’m surprised they didn’t call Joe Namath as desperate as they appear to be.  I think it shows very poor planning if they are so desperate for a QB that they call a guy who hasn’t played in the NFL for three years when their starting QB goes down.  Bradford has had injury issues in the past, why would the Rams allow themselves to be put in that position.  It makes no sense and I have even less respect for this franchise than I did before. 

We’ll try to be back on Wednesday with another blog as the World Series shifts back to Boston for Game 6 and we get ready for the KHS Tigers game with Mexico on Thursday night.  Thanks as always for checking out this and all the other blogs on this site and please follow me on Twitter at KDEBlog.

Have a terrific week!