If bears can hibernate why can't I?

 Last weekend the clock-changing ritual gave most of us an extra hour of sleep. So why do I feel more tired than usual for the first few days of living with standard time? In autumnl we "fall back" and in spring we "spring forward". I know the extra hour of shut-eye only happens on Sunday morn after the clocks go back, but I really could use that extra hour of slumber for a few more days. Instead of enjoying the luxury of another sixty minutes beneath the covers I am roused by two cold noses snuffling into my face. The dogs don't seem to care about the red glowing numbers reflected on the ceiling above the clock radio. Lacey and Max only know what their internal timing mechanisms are telling them. Rise and Shine Mom! Where's breakfast, and oh, yes, lest we forget, it's also time for morning potty break. So, up I get, struggling into enough clothing to insulate me from the sudden onslaught of cold as we hit the sidewalk for our first walk of the day. The dogs  rejoice in the pleasures of fresh early morning air as we stroll along the quiet streets, the only sounds coming from the crunch of dried leaves beneath our feet. Okay, I am forced to admit that I too am enjoying the envigorating exercise even as I long for one more hour of sleep.