Ryan's Buffet is one of many local businesses to close recently

On Wednesday, Ryan's Buffet and Grill in St. Robert announced that it is permanently closed for business.

Manager Carol White said she was told the restaurant wasn't having any issues with sales and that the restaurant's closure was due to its lease ending, which was enforced by the landlord.

White, who had just moved here from St. Louis two months ago to take over management, said that approximately 20-25 Ryan's employees are now without jobs.

Ryan's is one of several businesses in the area to close in the last two months. Vidies Bistro, Pepper's Bar and Grill, Miller's Grill, and Blockbuster have all closed permanently since October.

Miller's Grill, which is located next to Ryan's, announced it was closed for business on Oct. 28. Miller's Grill owner Jerry Miller said that he felt forced to close the business because of poor sales.

"It didn't work out for us [in St. Robert] with sales. I was absolutely saddened we had to close, and over the years I enjoyed working with the community," Miller said. "It was a beautiful store. It was not an easy decision, but one where we didn't really have a choice."

Miller's Grill opened for business in St. Robert in June 2007. Two other Missouri locations, Houston and Washington, will remain open.

Pepper's Sports Bar and Grill, a locally owned restaurant, also closed Nov. 3.

"I can't even begin to express how truly sad I am about this decision, but feel that it is time to close the doors," general manager Mary Ann Brinkley stated on Facebook.

Vidie's Bistro Express, which was located on the Waynesville Square since October 2012, announced it was closing on Oct. 9. Owners Levi and Brandie Tines said they closed the business due to issues managing both the bistro and their catering business.

"With a heavy heart we are announcing that we are suspending daily operations at our bistro location due to ongoing staff and management issues," Vidies owners Levi and Brandie Tines stated in an announcement.

However, Vidies catering is not affected by this change. The Tines continue to operate their catering business which serves the Ozarks and the Fort Leonard Wood area. Vidies is also offering take-home meals to anyone in the area on the first and 15th of every month.

Blockbuster, which opened its first location in St. Robert in 1989 and moved to its current location in 2000, closed the business for good on Nov. 10.

Long-time store manager Covell Bellamy Jr. said the store is closing due to a combination of sales and its location being too far away from the company's district in St. Louis.

Each of the five businesses do not currently have plans to reopen.