Remains to be shipped to Fort Worth, Texas for examination

Pulaski County Sheriff RonLong recently released more information regarding the human remains found in late October in the Dixon area.

In his weekly column, Long said he has received numerous inquiries since the remains were found by a photographer on Oct. 27 . roughly ¼ mile south of Highway D and Highway 28, also known as "Dogpatch Intersection," on private property off of Highway 28.

"At this time there is limited new information to pass along, other than our aggressive effort to identify who this person is," Long said in his column. "Part of this process involved sending the skeletal remains to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas, for examination. This process will hopefully give us vital pieces of information, such as the age and gender of the deceased, along with a relatively close date of death. We are expecting to have this information back within a couple of weeks."

The forensic anthropologist who arrived on scene the day after the remains were found concluded the remains were that of an adolescent pre-teenager and the sex is still undetermined, according to Sheriff Long.

"We're assuming the individual has been deceased for at least one year at this time," Long said. "But until further tests are done on the remains, we cannot put a time of death on the remains."

Long said investigators have concluded a limited time frame for when this individual died.

"[The time of death of the individual] is going to be at least one year [ago], but maybe prior 2-3 years previous to that," he said.

Long said that as of right now, there aren't any cases of missing adolescents who went missing in the correct time frame from Pulaski County.

"There have been a lot of questions coming in about mostly women who have been missing for several years from Pulaski County," Long said. "At this time, there is no evidence leading us to believe it is any of those individuals reported from Pulaski County. Investigators will be looking at neighboring counties and going beyond that if there are no possible individuals that could be the victim."

Long said that investigators will be looking at identifying the individual first, then determining the cause of death.

"Due to the age factor on these remains, it's going to be a while, or it might not be ever, to be able to determine the cause of death due to the limited amount of evidence found at the scene."