When Rachel and Johnny Lyons went to the doctor for Rachel to have an ultrasound several months ago, they were looking forward to hear about the one child they were expecting.

Little did they know, they actually had three baby girls on the way, set to meet the world Nov. 27.

"I wish I could have recorded our reactions when we first found out," Rachel said. "We were about eight weeks along, and the doctor first said we had twins, and then said 'no, it's three in there!'"

Rachel, who is a staff sergeant in the Army, has been stationed all over the world—as far as Germany, Afghanistan and Pakistan—and is currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. She and Johnny purchased a home in St. Robert this September.

They already have a 3-year-old daughter, Kelsey. On top of that, Johnny has another 10-year-old daughter who lives in California.

That brings the total number of daughters to five.

"I wish I could have a boy," Johnny said. "But as long as they are healthy, I am happy."

Right after Johnny said this, his wife turned to him, smiling, and said, "Well, at least you make pretty girls."

Rachel said the couple actually wasn't planning on having any more children before they received the news about their triplets.

"We literally just decided we were not going to have any more kids," she explained. "And multiples don't run in anyone's family. It's just kind of crazy having triplets."

Two of the triplet girls are identical twins, she said, and the third is a fraternal triplet.

"The doctor said it started out as twins, and weeks later, an egg split."

The couple said they are both enjoying their new life in Missouri.

"I didn't think we would (like Missouri)," Rachel admitted. "I'm used to warm weather and beaches. But I'm outdoorsy and love the natural environment here. And the weather's not too bad yet."

However, even if the weather does get bitterly cold, Rachel said she should be able to cope, seeing as she not too long ago lived in Germany.

In the Army, Rachel said she works in human resources, dealing with administration and data. She is 27 years old, and has been in the military for seven years. She said she used to be attached to an airborne unit where she took part in jumps, but no longer is able to due to her pregnancy.

"If it was a regular pregnancy, (the Army) would have probably let me stay in an airborne unit and waited for me," she said. "But since I'm having three, that would be kind of risky."

Rachel said she is also currently taking courses for a criminal justice program at Drury University.

Her husband, Johnny, is also keeping busy, working on a Master's degree through Webster University. He was in the military for eight years, and is currently looking for a position in a security management field.

Rachel said even though having triplets may be difficult, she does have the support of her family, and of the community.

"Johnny's parents actually moved here from North Carolina to help us out," she said. "And (Westside Baptist Church) threw us a big baby shower."

That baby shower was unexpected, but very much appreciated, Rachel said.

"When we got here, we were five months pregnant and didn't know anyone," she explained.

Rachel said she now has most of the larger baby items, but she would greatly appreciate if others in the community would be willing to assist with smaller items.

"We have most of the big stuff," she shared. "But we can always take diapers and smaller things. I'll take baby clothes all day!"

To help out this young military couple, email Rach_lyons1@yahoo.com.

"It's crazy how it all worked out," Rachel said. "We did not originally want to come to Missouri, but it has been great so far."