Remembering That Day in Dallas while taking a new look at events surrounding the tragedy.

            First of all my thanks to those of you who have asked about Meanderings and said you have missed my posts.   I friend my old computer with a cup of coffee!   (I am hanging my head…)  Then I had cataract surgery on my left eye.  Then, unrelated to my eye I spent a week wrapped in blankets and shivering drinking only ice water and one cup of tea and eating only three cups of chicken noodle soup in eight days.  Then I had surgery on my left eye.  Sooo, November has been mostly lost to me.

            However, a new laptop and good medical care has brought me back.

            Today is the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  We lived in Terry Montana at the time, and the day was much like today:  crisp, clear, and cold.  I was very pregnant with our son, Bill, who was overdue and I was eager for him to be born.  It was about 11:30 MST and I saw Bill coming down the road from Terry High School for lunch, so I was in the middle of our kitchen when Bob McCloud of KFYR in Bismarck came on the radio.  He announced there was news from Dallas, and switched to Dan Rather, a young reporter from Dallas.  Rather announced that “shots have come from a grassy knoll, and it appears President Kennedy has been hit.” 

            I felt a chill and the earth stood still---and I did not want our overdue son born that day!  

            The rest of the day, I was glued to our little black and white Philco.  And for the next several days, I, along with the nation, watched Lyndon Johnson sworn in on Air Force 1, as a stunned Jacky stood as a witness in her bloody suit.   Then there were the faces of the stunned crowds, cheeks stained with tears as the caisson carrying the coffin headed to Arlington.  Little John John saluting his father’s coffin is one of the saddest sights I ever saw.  Then the sounds of the muffled drums and the hoof beats of the gorgeous, riderless black stallion, Black Jack, wearing his saddle with the boots backwards in the stirrups. 

            To this day, over 60 percent of Americans believe JFK’s death was a conspiracy, and that the Warren Commission covered it up.  I admit to being one of those doubters.  Too many details about Oswald raise too many doubts.  For example, could you or I knock on the door of the Russian embassy in Mexico and gain admission?

            Jim Douglass has written a book, JFK and the Unspeakable, which has recently been endorsed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  ,and is documented with over 100 pages of endnotes citing recently declassified government documents stored in the National Archives and now available to the public. 

            President Eisenhower had warned of the Military Industrial Complex.  A few industries make huge profits in war.  JFK had been in war.  After that, he wanted Peace.  He developed The Peace Corps.

            He made many powerful enemies by standing up to those who wanted war (profits.)

            Living out on the prairies, I have no access to insider info, nor do I have power.  I do not want to believe such evil exists that a few would kill millions of people to make millions in profits from war.  But after a secret meeting at the Pentagon is reported to have said to Dean Rusk. “And we call ourselves the human race.”  I often wonder what is humanity, too.